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NGC 6656 in Sagittarius
Type: Globular Cluster
10.000 l.y.
Mag: 5.2
Dim: 33'
M22, in the constellation Sagittarius, can easily be found at two and a half degree NE of Lambda Sgr. This fine globular cluster shines with a magnitude of 5.1, making it one of the five brightest and largest globulars at all. The reason is that M22 is only 10,400 l-y away. M22 would be more famous if it did not have such a low declination.

M22 appears fairly large in my 15x70. The granular core is non stellar and shows a somewhat triangular or fan shape. Its N and E edge are more distinctly visible against the fainter halo. A few pinpricks show up near the edge of the fading halo. But these might be foreground stars.

Site : Andratx, Mallorca, Spain ( 39 N )
Date : July 28, 2008
Time : around 00.15UT
Binoculars : TS 15x70 Marine
FOV: 4.4
Filter : none
Mount : Trico Machine Sky Window
Seeing : 3/5
Transp. : 4/5
Sky brightness : 21.08 magnitudes per square arc second near zenith (SQM reading).
Nelm : 6.5
Sketch Orientation : N up, W right.
Digital sketch made with Corel Paint Shop Pro X2, based on a raw pencil sketch.

(Note: if the sketch does look too dark on your monitor, try to darken the room.)
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