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Astronomy with a pair of binoculars?

I decided to start a little project around binocular deep-sky observing. I have planned to observe and sketch a few beautiful binocular targets. Targets that are within reach of most backyard skies. I call them: Binocular Icons.
Binoculars are widely spread. Most people have a pair at home. Fewer people know that they can be used to admire the heavens as well. However, binocular astronomy has a very low threshold. Binoculars are very straight-forward to use. The image is errect. And the low power is very convenient to look up objects. Even kids learn quickly how much fun it is to use them. Binoculars are very portable and offer instant enjoyment. They are excellent travel companions because of their compact size and weight.

About the making of the sketches: These Binocular Icons are intented for the occasional observer, who wants to spend a few spare minutes under the stars. For the ease of prolonged gazing and sketching, I on the other hand needed a mounted solution. Otherwise I would have come short of hands. I decided to use a
mirror mount. It allows me to observe and sketch in a more relaxed position. The first pair of bino's that I use is the Bresser 8x56 Spezial Jagd. There is nothing special about them. But they offer adequate eye relief for people like me who wear glasses while observing. The second pair of bino's is the TS Marine 15x70. They are rather heavy build and provide a fov of 4.4°.

Have a look at my book about stargazing with binoculars and small telescopes:

"The Casual Sky Observer's Guide"


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Named Objects:

Andromeda Galaxy

Barnard's E

Beehive Cluster

Butterfly Cluster

California Nebula

Coma Cluster

Crab Nebula

Double Cluster

Ghost of Alnitak

Helix Nebula


Lagoon Nebula

Merope Nebula

North Amerika Nebula

Orion Nebula


Phi Cas Cluster

Pinwheel Galaxy


Rosette Nebula

Summer Beehive

Sword Of Orion

Veil Nebula

Whirlpool Galaxy

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Cassiopeia OB8          Perseus OB3          Orion OB1 (subgroup)        

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M1          M3          M4          M5          M6          M7          M8          M10&M12       M13    

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457     654     659    663   752     869     884     957     1499     1647     1893     1977     1981     2024  

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405      410     4665     4756    

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Mel 20     Mel 25     Mel 111    

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The Coathanger            Polaris            Regulus            Taurus Poniatovii    

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Barnard 142 & 143     Barnard 168  

Collinder 399          Collinder 463    

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